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Capsular Contracture Surgery

Capsular Contracture Surgeon in Newport Beach, Dr. Dickinson, Specializes in Reconstructive Surgery


The Procedure: Typically, when we perform capsular contracture surgery, the same or a new incision is used to remove the capsule and the breast implants. Occasionally, a simultaneous lift is performed and a new incision is placed on the breast.

The surgical pocket has already been created from the previous surgery and pain is often less than that of their first surgery. If there is a change of plane of the implant from subglandular to submuscular there may be some discomfort, but this can be controlled with pain medication.

If the implant is in the submuscular position, and there is a change to subglandular, then sutures are used to reconstruct the pectoralis muscles. Again, any discomfort from the surgery can be controlled with pain medications.

Capsular Contracture Revision Augmentation
Capsular Contracture Revision Augmentation

The Recovery:
 Capsular contracture and implant replacement surgery is usually more extensive than primary breast augmentation. While post-operative pain may be managed, women can be back to light work within a matter of days. Strenuous physical activity is not recommended for 4-6 weeks following this surgery as this may increase risk for hematoma and repeat capsule formation.

The breast implants I had placed ten years ago are too firm and hard now and are starting to become painful. My friend mentioned that I may have a capsular contracture. Do I need surgery?
If I have capsular contracture surgery, can I have my breast implants replaced as well?
Will I need to have drains?
Is there anything I can do to prevent capsular contracture from happening?


Getting Started

Call Dr. Dickinson’s office to schedule your initial consultation. Share your goals with Dr. Dickinson so that he can suggest the appropriate procedure. Once you’ve mad up your mind to proceed you’ll schedule a pre-op appointment and surgery date in the Newport Beach plastic surgery center. Following the procedure Dr. Dickinson will monitor your healing with proactive follow-up appointments.