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Facelift Surgery

Brian P. Dickinson, M.D. Facelift Surgeon in Newport Beach, California


Facial rejuvenation surgery has been the focus of my practice for the past 12 years. This includes facelift, neck lift, blepharoplasty, and rhinoplasty. These surgeries are my favorite procedures to perform. Patients who come to me for facelift surgery have previously undergone breast cancer reconstructive surgery or have had previous aesthetic procedures done and have lost a significant amount of weight. Successful weight loss often results in facial laxity. The most common groups of patients who lose weight after procedures are abdominoplasty patients who have lost additional weight post abdominoplasty through diet and exercise. The second most common group are patients who underwent removal and replacement of mammary prosthesis to a smaller size or simply removal of mammary prosthesis and who have lost weight because now they are more active. 

In general patients who seek out facelift surgery in my practice are people who have a great attitude, are happy, and have an overall positive outlook on life. They typically are patients who have lost a significant amount of weight or who have simply aged and developed laxity in their neck, jowls, or nasolabial folds. Facelift patients typically have a lot of energy and enjoy being active. However, universally, the facelift patient will say that despite getting a good night of sleep, or eating right, or exercising, that they have a tired appearance to their face. More importantly, this tired look on their face is not consistent with how they feel on the inside. It is this person who is an excellent candidate for a facelift. After surgery, these patients now have a youthful and rested appearing face which is commensurate with the energy they are experiencing from their core. 

The other group of patients who seek out facelift surgery or facial rejuvenation are people who have gained weight and do not like the appearance of their neck, jowls, etc. In these patients it is important that we explore their reasons for gaining weight and if any of these reasons are reversible, we do our best to reverse them.  There are two habits that we tell all of our patients to try to stop for their overall health so they can maximize their life in the future going forward.  One is to quit smoking. Smoking cessation is one of the best decisions one can make in their life. It is especially important for patients to quit smoking prior to their facelift procedure. Cigarette smoking can negatively impact the outcome of the facelift surgery. We instruct patients to quit smoking six weeks prior to surgery and for six weeks after surgery. Usually patients do not even return to smoking after surgery.  

In patients who have gained weight and who seek out facelift surgery, we try to have them first lose weight. The weight loss goal needs to be a realistic one. Once we find the cause of the weight gain, we find a solution for weight loss. This typically is a change in diet, either the content or timing of eating and some form of exercise. Exercise or weight training usually is the addition to a cardiovascular program that the patient is already doing or it can be the introduction to one. If patients are rapidly losing weight as a result of the dietary or exercise changes, we have the patient continue to lose weight until they plateau. This is a good time for the patient to proceed with facelift or facial rejuvenation surgery. On the other hand, if, despite concerted efforts at diet and exercise modification, the weight remains stable, it is ok to proceed with facelift surgery. What is important, is that the patient should not have excessive weight fluctuations after surgery as this will make the facial laxity recur. 

I hope you find the following sections on facelift and blepharoplasty to be informative and helpful. If you are interested in facelift or blepharoplasty surgery, please call the office at 949-612-8632 and ask to schedule consultation. My staff are extremely friendly, helpful, and care about your outcome and your experience. They will be glad to help you.

Brian Dickinson, M.D.


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