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Liposuction is an extremely common cosmetic procedure in the United States ranking among the most common cosmetic procedure performed. Liposuction is also a very common procedure in my practice. There are many reasons why a patient chooses to undergo liposuction. The most common reason and often the most effective indication for the procedure are localized deposits of fat despite regular exercise and proper diet. These are the so called “problem areas” that despite tight diet and exercise it is hard for us to get rid of the fat in these areas or when we do so it is only transiently. These areas are commonly the “submental” fat deposit in the neck, the “bra fat” area that hangs above the back of the bra line, the “love handle” on the abdominal flanks, the “muffin top” over the front of the cut-off jean shorts, or simply the layer of padding on top of the abdominal “six-pack”. In these areas, with extremely strict diet and exercise for months and yielding a good result, only a weekend of pizza, pasta, and French fries is enough to undo months’ worth of hard work. If this scenario describes your issues, then liposuction will be very helpful to you.

The other group of patients who will seek out liposuction are breast cancer patients who have estrogen positive tumors. These women will often be prescribed an estrogen receptor blocking medication to treat and prevent recurrence of their cancer. The estrogen blocking medication can unfortunately cause weight gain and other symptoms which can often make patients feel uncomfortable. In these women despite diet and exercise, the weight gain accumulates, and extreme frustration can occur. These patients often undergo liposuction of the posterior trunk, flanks, and anterior abdomen, this is called “circumferential” liposuction. These patients often have profound improvements in weight loss, loss of inches, and overall improvement in body contour. They find a new confidence and happiness in their body shape and appearance, and often get a kickstart back to the gym, running, or spin class. 

The next group of patients who undergo liposuction are patients who are attempting to lose weight and seem to have reached a plateau in their weight loss regimen. Patients who are losing weight in anticipation of abdominoplasty fall into this category. In many patients their skin may have lost elasticity and liposuction will result in a loss of inches on the body frame. The loss of inches may occur in skin with stretch marks that had lost its elasticity and after liposuction the skin becomes even more wrinkled. In these cases, patients may not mind the wrinkled skin as they appear better in clothes, or the liposuction and excess skin is just a bridge to an abdominoplasty or other skin excision on the body part. During this staged weight loss patients are undergoing diet and exercise programs to continue to lose weight and improve their overall health. 

Liposuction is a procedure with a high patient satisfaction rate, and I enjoy having happy patients. If you are interested in undergoing liposuction, please contact our office and one of my friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

The office phone number is 949-612-8632. If you would like to learn more about liposuction and see before and after results, please click on the blog section for more information.



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