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Facial Trauma

“Reconstructive Surgery requires a through knowledge of anatomy” – Dr. Brian Dickinson
Revision Rhinoplasty of Deviated Septum in Newport Beach
Deviated Septum Revision Rhinoplasty by Dr. Dickinson in Newport Beach

Dr. Dickinson, I was injured in an auto accident and I suffered a fracture of my jaw and lacerations of my face. How long do I need to wait before we can proceed with facial reconstructive surgery?
One of my friends had a fracture of his jaw and had to have his jaw wired shut. Will I need to have my jaw wired shut as well?
My son was hit very hard in the eye. His eye is fine but the emergency room physician mentioned he had an orbital floor fracture. How do you repair those?
My daughter suffered a laceration to her face. What should I do to prevent a scar?
My father had a basal cell skin cancer removed from his face. He has a hole that needs to be closed and my dermatologist recommended I speak with a plastic surgeon. Can you help close the hole?

Moving Forward With Facial Reconstructive Surgery

1- Call Dr. Dickinson office or email us to set up a consultation.
2- Once Dr. Dickinson has consulted with you, he may perform your facial reconstructive surgery in the hospital or in the Newport Beach surgery center.