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Removal of Mammary Prosthesis and Breast Lift

Breast cancer reconstruction and aesthetic breast surgery share many similar principles. Removing breast implants and performing a breast lift (mastopexy) is a common procedure and may be a component of breast cancer treatment. In a patient with significant breast ptosis who undergoes a mastectomy for breast cancer, the nipple areola complex cannot often remain viable nor can it reliably be…

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Bilateral Immediate DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction can be done in an immediate setting at the time of mastectomy or can be accomplished in a delayed setting after mastectomy. When an immediate breast reconstruction with flaps is to be performed it is important that the quality of the mastectomy flaps is considered.  During the DIEP flap harvest, the skin and fat from the abdomen is…

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Bilateral DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction

Breast cancer reconstruction can be challenging for the Plastic & Reconstructive surgeon as well as the patient. In the patient with “ptotic” breasts, where the nipple areola complex is significantly below the inframammary fold or breast crease, the nipple cannot be safely kept during a mastectomy based on significant impairment in blood supply. In these cases, when the nipple is…

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Implant Removal, Mastopexy, and Oncoplastic Closure of Lumpectomy Defects

Breast cancer can be treated with lumpectomy. The same patterns that are used for a mastopexy (breast lift) can be used to facilitate breast cancer treatment. If a cancer lies outside of traditional patterns, then the breast lift pattern can be modified to remove the skin above the tumor when necessary. One component of breast cancer treatment for lumpectomy is…

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