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Breast Reduction and Mastopexy Surgery

Breast reduction patients are some of the happiest patients we encounter in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Often patients who seek breast reduction surgery have breasts that are disproportionately larger for their body frame and no matter how much they diet or exercise their breasts do not change in volume. Often the size of the breasts can hinder and prevent exercise…

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Oncoplastic Reconstruction of Lumpectomy Defects and Radiation Therapy

Lumpectomy and radiation are a reasonable method to treat many breast cancers. The goals after lumpectomy are to get all of the wounds healed by six weeks so that the patient can proceed to radiation in a timely manner. The skin often tolerates radiation well after lumpectomy. The more intact and heartier the blood supply to the skin, the better…

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Trans-axillary Breast Augmentation

Trans-axillary breast augmentation utilizes the axillae for placement of mammary prosthesis. The procedure is performed with an endoscope that allows visualization of the distal ends of the breast pocket. In general, we tell patients that in order to be a good candidate for trans-axillary breast augmentation, the breasts have to be relatively symmetric to being with. In addition, the breast…

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Bilateral Mastopexy & Breast Reduction

Bilateral mastopexy is a common procedure to place the breasts in a more youthful position.  With age or from a genetic predisposition a patient may have a breast or nipple areola complex that is in a much lower position than would be normally. There are no exercises or any special diet that a person can eat to make their breasts…

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Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction with Tissue Expanders and Implants

There are several ways to reconstruct the breast after mastectomy. In patients who do not require radiation there are several options available for breast reconstruction. One of the more common methods of breast reconstruction is to place a tissue expander at the time of the mastectomy and have the skin heal appropriately. Once the skin has healed without any additional…

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DIEP flap for Autologous Breast Reconstruction Following Mastectomy

There are several ways for a Plastic & Reconstructive surgeon to reconstruct the breast. One common way to reconstruct the breast is with an autologous tissue reconstruction of the breast with tissue from the lower abdomen. When we reconstruct the breast with the patient’s own body tissues, we call this an autologous breast reconstruction. In an autologous breast reconstruction, the…

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