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Abdominal wall hernias can occur as a congenital deformity of the abdominal wall or as a result of a previous surgery. There are many techniques used to reconstruct abdominal wall hernias as well as there are many techniques to improve the appearance of the abdominal wall. In abdominal wall reconstruction, Strattice acelluar dermal matrix is used to share the load in hernia repair. In abdominoplasty, it is helpful to repair any rectus diastasis that may occur from previous pregnancies. The same techniques and principles that are used to repair a hernia can also be used to perform an abdominoplasty and vice-versa. That is the reconstructive surgeon can use reconstructive principles to improve aesthetic outcomes in abdominoplasty surgery. Scars that are red tend to be young scars and will fade over the course of 18-24 months.

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