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Rhinoplasty can take several months to up to one year or more to completely heal from. In fact, changes in the nose can occur several times over the course of a week status post rhinoplasty.

The nasal dorsum can be augmented with temporalis fascia and diced cartilage to allow the radix area and dorsum to have a gradual curvature. The nasal base can be narrowed with nostril sill excisions and the tip modified with suturing of the lower lateral cartilages and tip grafting.

In the weeks following rhinoplasty, the nose can change shape several times as the swelling subsides or increases or decreases with varying activity.

At six months, the nose continues to show changes and begins to reach it’s mature stage. The definition in the glabella and dorsum start to subside, still with some swelling int the nasal tip area.

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