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There are many occasions when patients acquire infections in their breasts.  This can occur from previous mastitis during breast feeding or from previous galactocele, intraductal papilloma, or previous breast trauma.  When the breast has been previously infected, scarring between the skin and the chest wall can occur. This can cause breast asymmetry and deformity of the breast.

If the infections occur prior to breast development, the breasts can grow to be different sizes. If the infections occur after breast development, the breasts can be different sizes secondary to contraction from scarring. In either case a mammary prosthesis can be inserted to help achieve better symmetry between the breasts. Occasionally, scars need to be released between the skin and the chest wall and/or the breast parenchyma needs to be re-draped to created a more aesthetic breast mound shape. 

In the photograph depicted, a mammary prosthesis was placed in the left breast and  parenchymal re-shaping was performed.  The right breast underwent mastopexy for symmetry. These cases are challenging. and inherent risks of infection, wound dehiscence, and capsular contracture are present. Proper protein intake can reduce the risks of complications.