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The elite female athlete, because of her training, often looses a significant portion of breast volume. Restoring that volume with silicone gel breast implants can restore the curves of the body. In the patient with a short nipple to fold distance it is important to select the correct implant to optimize the aesthetic outcome. Typically, the most important objective measure is the base diameter of the patient. From that point on a range of implants can be selected to accomodate breast size. Often in the elite athlete, the smooth round moderate plus implant can provide an appropriate contour to the chest. It is also important to the athlete to be able to return to excercise as quickly and as safely as possible.

Whatever the cause of small, saggy or uneven breasts – be it age, weight loss, genetics, menopause, or hormones, a breast enlargement procedure can help restore your ideal breast shape and size.  Why not look into the number one commonly performed cosmetic procedure in America that will leave you feeling more attractive and confident.


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