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Breast augmentation procedures are very common in the summer months. It’s quite common for women ranging in ages from 21 to 50, who live throughout Southern California to present in our Newport Beach office for consultations between June and August.  One of the reasons women wait until the summer months to schedule a breast augmentation is because recovery times following the procedure are shorter than ever before.

You can choose to book the surgery in the summer months and recover by the pool or beach feeling fantastic about your new look!

The breast augmentation consultation process usually occurs in two meetings. The first meeting is educational for the patient and also presents the opportunity to measure chest wall and breast sizing.

In the second meeting, patients bring photographs of breast sizes and shapes that they like so we can then match the objective sizing we determined in the first meeting, to the ultimate breast augmentation volume that they would like to achieve.  After that it’s just a matter of scheduling the procedure date.