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Breast augmentations are common procedures. One of the more common questions patients ask is which one is the best incision choice. There are three common options to place the breast implant. The breast implant can be placed through a periareolar incision (through the areola), an infra-mammary crease incision (breast crease), or the transaxillary (armpit) incision.  There are several different benefits to each incision.

The crease incision is a nice option as it makes for simple, safe, effective placement of the implant. The periareolar incision is nice in that it is central on the breast mound. The periareolar incision also allows for correction of tuberous breast deformity. The transaxillary incision is nice in that there is not a visible scar on the anterior body wall.

Based on the shape and size of the breast the patient should discuss these different options with their surgeon.