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Breast augmentation is a common aesthetic procedure performed in our practice. The most commonly used implant is a smooth silicone gel implant. There are several options for the incision choice in breast augmentation with silicone gel implants. The three choices are inframammary crease, periareaolar, and transaxillary. There are different benefits to each incision. It is helpful to select an implant that matches the tissue characteristics of the patient’s body. Selecting the right implant size can help to provide the greatest longevity of the implant and the fewest complications in the long run. 

Breast Augmentation Side Profile Before and After

The patient satisfaction with silicone gel implants is quite high. We emphasize the importance of a high protein diet for 4-6 weeks before and after surgery to facilitate healing. In terms of recovery post-operatively- the first week after surgery is just purposeful walking. The second week patients can walk as if they are shopping at the mall. The third week patients can ride an indoor bike without putting stress on the arms. Biceps and triceps work is ok at the third week. The fourth week patients can more strenuously lift weights and by the six week it is ok to run or engage in other high impact exercises. The photos demonstrate before and after photographs of silicone gel breast augmentation with high profile SCF mammary prosthesis in the dual plane position and inframammary crease incision.

Breast Augmentation Before and After