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Q: How long does the the breast augmentation consultation take?
A: Approximately one hour.  During that time we listen to the patients’ wants and formulate an effective plan to optimize the surgical outcome.

Q: Is there anything I need to do prio to surgery?
A: Yes, prior to surgery patients need to see their regular medical doctor to undergo a history and physical examination to make sure they are healthy for surgery.

Q: How long will it take to have my surgery from the time we have a consulation?
A: It usually takes two meetings to get the full picture of what the patient wants.  During that time patients can have labs drawn, medical work-up, etc. and then undergo surgery. The average time is between four and six weeks after the initial consultation.

Q: How soon after the procedure can I get back to exercising?
A: If patients can limit the amount of movement and exercise in the first two weeks post-operatively, they have a better chance of achieving an optimal result.

Q: What will I look like shortly after surgery?
A: Once patients are outside of the two week window without complications such as hematomas, I find that they have a better chance for an optimal aesthetic result in the long-run.

Q: How much bruising and swelling will I have?
A: Patients should expect “some” swelling post-operatively as well as “some” to “minimal” bruising.

Q: What is the most frequently requested cup size and why?
A: It is for a full “C” small “D” because a breast augmentation of this size is not drastic or obvious.  Patients can wear business suits and other sophisticated attire comfortably.  Casual clothing, such as strapless dresses or bikinis also looks very attractive and tasteful. Often patients do not want a breast augmentation to be obvious.  A subtle change in cup size can enhance the way clothing fits and the way one feels about themselves.

Women often present to the office in consultation mentioning that they want to maintain a natural breast augmentation look. Patients will say, “I want to look better in my bikini or in my strapless dress and I don’t want anyone to know I have had a breast augmentation.”

One of the more challenging aspects of breast augmentation surgery is to make sure that the surgeon and the patient are on the same page with regard to breast volume goals. Typically, we have patients bring in photographs of breast sizes and shapes that they like so that we can first determine if the patient’s goals can be easily obtained.

Q: When is the best time of year to get a breast augmentation?
A: Breast augmentations with silicone gel mammary prosthesis are frequently performed in the winter months over the holidays. Patients choose to recover from surgery when they have time off from work or school. I typically tell patients to rest for 4-6 weeks before resuming strenuous physical activity or contact sports. Having this time coincide with the holiday season is always helpful for recovery.

However, breast augmentation procedures in Orange County are common in the spring and summer months because patients like to be ready to wear bikinis or strapless dresses in the summer.

Here are some answers to questions about recovery that will help you plan the best time for your breast augmentation. The breast augmentation recovery pathway is typically performed as follows:

Week # 1: Purposeful walking. That is the patient can walk to the bathroom, walk to eat dinner, walk to get groceries, walk to church, etc.

Week # 2: Walking for exercise. That is the patient can walk around the block or take long walks at the mall to go shopping.

Week # 3: Return to the gym. The patient can use the stationery bicycle. No spin class! I don’t want patients to use their arms or chest to lift themselves off the bicycle seat.

Week # 4: Ok to lift weights such as biceps and triceps or leg extensions without using the arms.

Week # 6: Ok to return to unlimited exercise. Let pain be the guide to the amount and level of exertion.