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Silicone mammary prosthesis or silicone breast implants are a medical device. Over time the outer shell of the implant can become weak and tear or rupture. When this happens, the body can recognize the silicone gel as foreign, and the body can form scar tissue around the implant. The body can form scar tissue around the implant even if there is no rupture. When the implants are placed in the submuscular position and a capsular contracture develops, the implant tends to become displaced superiorly where there is less resistance beneath the muscle instead of inferiorly against the fold. The resulting appearance is a relative full upper pole and deflated inferior pole of the breast. Treating capsular contracture can involve removing the ruptured implant and either releasing the scar tissue or taking the scar tissue out altogether.  In some cases, an implant can be placed back in the pocket at the time of the surgery. In other cases, where patients have had multiple surgeries episodes of capsular contracture, removing the implants for up to a year or more can help the soft tissues stabilize.