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Rhinoplasty procedures are common. Patients present to the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon for many different reasons requesting rhinoplasty surgery in Newport Beach. Often we initially see patients in the Emergency Room or patients are referred to our office from the Emergency Room regarding a nasal bone fracture. Nasal bone fractures can cause the septum to deviate or fracture the nasal bones causing the nose to have a collapsed appearance. When this occurs there is often a loss of the dorsal aesthetic lines of the nose which may be disturbing to the patient.

Collapse of the nasal bones and deviation of the septum can also lead to airway collapse, making it difficult for the patient to breath through their nose, breath through their nose with exercise, or may cause them to snore at night. Plastic & Reconstructive surgeons can perform surgery to re-establish a collapsed airway and at the same time perform maneuvers to improve the appearance of the nose.

It is important when performing aesthetic surgery of the nose to make sure that the nose remains in excellent proportion with the face. Occasionally, the nasal bones can be fractured by hard objects that fall from the sky such as coconuts. Typically, when performing an infracture or re-positioning of the nasal bones, it is important to make sure the width of the dorsum is in proportion to the width of the nasal base.  There should also be a smooth transition from the nasal dorsum into the lower lateral cartilages so that the nose does not have a done appearance. The radix must also have an appropriate take-off from the lash line to establish an appropriate nasal length. The amount of tip projection as well as the columelar-labial angle can also be changed to provide refinement of the nasal tip or establish an amount of nostril show. I am very thankful to have learned rhinoplasty surgery from world rhinoplasty expert Dr. Jay Calvert. He is truly a great mentor and teacher.


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