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Today, many women come to the office choosing to downsize their implants from larger implants to smaller implants. Typically the women tend to be in their late 30’s to 50’s. The women often have changed their diet and exercise and prefer to have a more sleek appearance.

Often these women are now doing yoga, pilates, etc. and wish to have a more athletic and sleek appearance to their body habitus.

The implants are removed and then replaced with smaller implants. Often a T-lift allows the nipple areola complex to be lifted into a higher position. The horizontal component of the T-lift allows the surgeon to correct any degree of ptosis or pseudoptosis.

After surgery, xeroform gauze and a Bactroban ointment are placed over the incisions. The gauze remains on for two days and then the gauze is removed. The incisions may be raw for several days. After 4 weeks when the incisions are well healed, tapes may be applied to facilitate improvement in scarring.

Overall, patients tend to be very satisfied with the downsizing of their implants.