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One of my favorite aspects of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery is Rhinoplasty & Airway Surgery. And, within rhinoplasty, one of my favorite surgical challenges is the aesthetic management of the “Ethnic Rhinoplasty”. The term “Ethnic” in these cases is used to denote an aesthetic terminology and proportion that differs from those angles and distances used to define a “Caucasian” nose. 

People of different ethnicities often have noses with different characteristics. Often it is the desire of the patient to slightly alter the shape of their nose, but retain the ethnicity of their nose.  Valuable tools in these cases are cartilage, temporalis fascia, and careful osteotomies. However, the most valuable tools to an optimal outcome is the surgeon’s ability to listen to the patient’s desires and goals.

I am very fortunate to have learned these techniques of rhinoplasty. In the above photograph the patient wanted to narrow the dorsum of the nose to facilitate definition on camera and on film. The patient however wished to maintain the alar base width. It is important when performing these procedures, to not make the nose “Ethnically Disproportionate”.

I find the medial oblique osteotomies and the temporalis fascia and diced cartilage to be excellent techniques.

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