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Patients frequently come to consultation asking whether or not they need a facelift, necklift, lower facelift, full facelift, etc. It is important to individualize each facial rejuvenation operative plan depending on the desires of the patient as well as the surgeon identifying those objective indicators of aging that can be corrected with surgery or another non-surgical modality.

For example, the patient in the above photograph did not like the appearance of her neck. While even the untrained eye would notice the neck laxity, when one examines the before photograph closely the jowling which obscures the mandibular border is easily identified. Therefore it was important to address the jowling as well as the neck to optimize the aesthetic outcome.

It is quite common the aging female patient to address at least the lower aspect of the face when addressing the neck. Almost invariably, when there are signs of aging in the neck, there are also signs of aging in the face. Therefore women will also undergo a facelift or other maneuvers to address the jowls and nasolabial folds.