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Lower face and necklift surgery is one of the most rewarding procedures that we perform in our practice. It is often one of the most powerful procedures for restoring a youthful look to the face. The areas of greatest improvement tend to be the neck, the jowls, the cheek, and the nasolabial fold.

During a facelift procedure, the bands formed by the platysma are sutured together to re-create the contour of the neck. The skin of the lower neck is then re-draped over the platysma. Not only is the area of the lower neck and mandibular border improved, but also the skin just above the clavicle or collar bones.

The volume of the lower third of the face is then lifted to its previous location that occurred many years earlier. The results are fuller cheeks and a softer contour along the mandibular border. During the facelift dissection the cheek is lifted to its previous position. This improves the contour along the nasolabial fold and replaces the lost volume beneath the eye.

After facelift surgery, the swelling tends to subside over several weeks. The facelift results tend to improve then over two, four, and six months and then reaches its full maturity at about one year.

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