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Liposuction procedures are very common. There are different thicknesses of the skin and subcutaneous tissue in various parts of the body. The medial thigh region is an area of the body where the skin is relatively thin.

It is not uncommon when liposuction is performed in these areas for the region to be overly resected of the subcutaneous fat. The scooped out appearance that can occur can be quite upsetting to the patient.

These areas of the body can be fat grafted in order to improve their appearance. The fat is harvested from an area of the body that has a surplus of fat. Once the fat is harvested, it is then transferred via injection cannulas to the area that is deficient in fat. Only a certain amount of fat can be transferred at one time to prevent fat necrosis. Once the fat has had an appropriate time to take, anywhere from 3 months to one year, then more fat can be grafted after a lattice has been created.

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