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Lower blepharoplasty procedures are common among young people. As we age, the orbicularis occuli muscle may become weak or deposits of fat accumulate in the compartment around the eye. As this happens the appearance of bags or fullness of the lower eyelids occur. Typically these patients benefit from removal of fat from the lower eyelid and/or tightening of the lower eyelid.

There are plenty of young adults who may have this appearance early in life. Often these patients have family members who have similar appearance to their eyelids or who have also experienced this puffiness at an early age. In younger patients, the orbicularis oculi muscle is of normal tone but there is an abnormal accumulation of fat around the eyeball. 

To correct this, the patient would undergo a lower eyelid blepharoplasty. In this procedure, under a general anesthesia, the lower eyelid is retracted downward and a small incision is made within the pink part of the inside of the lower eyelid. Fat is then removed from the three fat compartments of the lower eyelid. There are no sutures used to close the incision. Steroid and antibiotic eyedrops are used post-operatively. There is minimal pain associated with the procedure.