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The deep plane lower face and neck lift is one of my favorite facial rejuvenation procedures to perform. As we age the skin of neck, jowls, cheeks, and lower eyelid descend. The lower face and neck lift can help to restore the structures back into their original anatomical position.

One of the greatest benefits of the lower face and neck lift, is that it can improve the skin just above the collar bones and clavicles depending on the patient’s anatomy. These are areas that patients try to improve with chemical peels or laser treatments. The lower face and neck lift can significantly rejuvenate this region of the neck.

The photograph demonstrates before and after deep plane lower face and neck lift. The volume is restored to the cheeks and region beneath lower eyelid. The jowls are improved as well as the neck skin.

Swelling and softening of surgical incisions continue to improve over the course of 1-2 years after lower face and neck lift surgery. What this translates into is a maximal result aesthetically from a healing standpoint at one to two years. Patients are often very happy with their results within one to two weeks as the swelling and bruising subside, but the softening of the scars and incisions continue to blend in at one to two years. Often at this one-to-two-year point, it is hard to detect if a patient has previously undergone a facelift procedure.