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Mastopexy augmentation and abdominoplasty, when performed in combination, can be quite a powerful combination for improving the overall body aesthetic.

Q:What is a Mastopexy Augmentation?

A: Essentially a mastopexy procedure is when a breast lift and breast augmentation are performed simultaneously to improve the size, contour and elevation of the breast.

Q: What is involved in a Mastopexy Procedure?

A: A breast implant is placed as a standard augmentation and at the same time the nipple areola complex is elevated to a much higher position on the chest. When this procedure is performed alone the result can restore a youthful appearance to the breast.

However, when an abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, is performed at the same time as a mastopexy, the contour of the abdomen can be significantly improved; which even further improves the aesthetic proportion of the breast. Many patients are very happy with the physiological and psychological results from this combined procedure. We see many patients around the holiday season who wish to undergo simultaneous mastopexy/augmentation and abdominoplasty procedures as the holiday season offers an opportunity to rest and recover in Newport Beach, California.

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