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Breast cancer reconstruction is an area of my practice which is rewarding as we are often able to successfully treat a patient’s breast cancer effectively, yet at the same time prevent a deformity of the breast or in some cases enhance the appearance of the breast. Elite athletes who have successfully completed IronMan/IronWoman triathlons are patients who are dear to my heart.  These individuals have such amazing discipline and determination much greater than mine and who serve as an amazing inspiration to me both professionally and personally.

The more time I spend with oncologic breast surgeons, radiation oncologists, and hematologic/oncologic physicians I realize and understand how amazing and intelligent these physicians are. As treatment of breast cancer advances, I learn that chemotherapy and radiation therapy are important treatment modalities that must proceed uninterrupted to the best of our abilities. In patients who are healthy, eat right, and who have an appropriate body mass index there are more options available to them for reconstruction. 


A breast cancer can be successfully treated with a lumpectomy and radiation therapy and if necessary, chemotherapy. Oncoplastic reconstruction of lumpectomy defects can help facilitate radiation therapy and even chemotherapy if performed properly. Successful breast reconstruction requires 80-100 grams of protein per day to facilitate healing.