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There are many different ways to successfully treat or prevent breast cancer in genetically susceptible individuals. In some patients, one of the first steps is to create the best possible shape of the breast for a future mastectomy.

In some patients, implants are removed and a mastopexy is performed to place the nipple areola complex in a higher and more vascularized position to successfully tolerate mastectomy and remain viable. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy peri-operatively can help maintain nipple areola complex viability. 

Once the new nipple areola complex position is determined and the breast shape is improved, the patient can undergo mastectomy after an interval six months. 

When treatment of a breast cancer is timely, lumpectomy can be performed at the time of the implant removal and mastopexy. A mastectomy can then be performed six months later depending upon the pathology. This sequence is sometime used to avoid radiation in patients who have contraindications to radiation therapy.