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Patients frequently come to the office requesting a “smaller” nose or simply stating that their nose is “too big”. There are many different aspects of the nose that a patient may wish to reduce when they request this and there are many aspects of the nose that can be changed when a patient wants to make this change.

Common areas of the nose that patient’s wish to be smaller are:

  1. Dorsal hump
  2. The width of the nose- either the dorsum, the tip, or all three.
  3. The amount of projection-the distance the nose projects outward from the face.
  4. The length of the nose.

There are also varying degrees to correct all of these parts of the nose and there are varying degrees that different patients want the size of their nose corrected to.

The nose can appear smaller or shorter by removing a dorsal hump or lowering the radix and the nose can appear smaller by decreasing the projection.