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Rhinoplasty is a commonly performed procedure that has an enormous impact on one’s appearance.  When considering a plastic surgeon to perform your rhinoplasty procedure, it’s natural to want to view before and after photos of other patients.  That’s why we update our site frequently with blog posts containing before and after photos as well as details pertaining to that procedure – to help educate you.

One of the more commonly requested reasons for a rhinoplasty is a nasal tip that drops when a person smiles. Typically, these patients have a dorsal hump as well as a nasal tip that lacks projection.

To surgically correct this, the nasal dorsum is resected, the caudal septum is resected, and a columellar strut is placed to improve tip projection. To allow the nose to appear more feminine, the nasal tip needs to be elevated so that the columella-labial angle is greater than approximately 100 degrees in the female.

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