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Rhinoplasty is a common procedure and there are many reasons why someone would want to undergo a rhinoplasty procedure. Common reasons for desiring a rhinoplasty surgery are a dorsal hump and just as common is a drooping nasal tip. The infra-lobule region of the nose can give a heavy appearance to the nose if this area of the nose has a significant amount of volume. Decreasing the volume in this area of the nose can be improved with removing cartilage and with rotating and elevating the nasal tip cartilages. Patients often have a more youthful appearance to the nose after rotating the inferiorly displaced cartilages in to a more appropriate position.


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Healing takes time and the nose continues to refine itself over several months to two years. The swelling tends to change the appearance of the nose for the better over time. Occasionally scar contracting forces can change the position of the cartilages of the nose. Occasionally grafts can become malpositioned and need to be replaced back into their original position.


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