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There are many clinical scenarios where a patient chooses to revise or improve upon her previous breast augmentation.  One of the more common reasons for a patient to desire revision of her breast augmentation is when the breast implants have palpable or visible rippling. Rippling of the breast implant can be related to the patient’s body habitus, for example in patients who are very lean and/or the rippling can be related to the characteristic of the breast implant. In patients who have palpable or visible rippling we try to select a mammary prosthesis that has a higher cohesivity. In this case the patient underwent a secondary breast augmentation and the implants selected had a higher cohesivity to minimize the degree of visible rippling since the patient was athletic and had a lean physique.

The other surgical change that occurred was that the base diameter of the implant was selected to occupy the patient’s full width of the chest and improve the overall cleavage of the chest and try to eliminate any gap between the mammary prosthesis.