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Patients often come into the office and ask how old or how young does someone have to be to have a rejuvenation procedure performed. Patients can be almost any age to undergo facial rejuvenation. I have had patients as young as early twenties undergo some sort of rejuvenation to the neck involving minor repositioning of the vector of the platysmal muscles.

And I have had a patient who was ninety four years old undergo a facelift operation. The funny thing was that she asked me every day post-operatively, “When can I go back to playing racquetball?”

The point is that one can be almost any age to undergo surgery.

First, they need to have signs of facial aging that can be corrected with one or more methods.

Second, but more importantly, they need to be healthy to receive anesthesia and be able to comply with post-operative regimens. Blood pressure should be under control, other medical conditions stabilized, and exercise capacity should be high. Not only do physically fit patients recover well from anesthesia, they also get the best surgical results.

Facelift surgery is very helpful to restore the contour of the face, jowls, and neck. Facelift surgery not only improves facial contour, it also significantly improves the quality of the skin. After the deep plane facelift, the quality of the skin significantly improves both in tone and in texture.

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