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There are different ways that the buttocks or gluteal region can be augmented. One common way is gluteal fat transfer. In these cases, liposuction is performed in areas of the body that have excess deposits of fat. After the fat is removed, the fat is transferred to the buttocks to augment their projection and/or shape. The typical harvest sites tend to be the lower abdomen and the lower back. Hydration and antibiotics are given during surgery. Antibiotics are important after to prevent infection. This is one surgery where body habitus is important. The best candidates and also the safest candidates are those patients that have localized deposits of fat. Problems can arise if the BMI or body mass index is too high in a patient. BMI is defined by the weight divided by the height squared. Weight (kg)/height (m)².  Reserving this procedure for patients with localized deposits of fat, healthy BMI, and good diet and exercise habits can maximize patient outcomes and safety.