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Gluteal fat transfer can be very rewarding for the patient. Patients who have a high satisfaction rate have lower lumbar lipodystrophy as well as a lordotic spine posture. Patients wear a compression garment, abdominal binder, and/or faha beneath the compression garment.  The more compliant patients are with the compression garments, the better results they acheive.

Liposuction of Abdomen for Fat Transfer

Patients are allowed to sit or lie down on their gluteal region immediately after surgery. Patients are instructed to change position, but there are no other limitations of pressure on the gluteal region.

Gluteal Fat Transfer


Activity such as working out including cardiovascular and weightlifting activity are encouraged.  A diet rich in protein from 1-2 grams per kg of body weight is encouraged for healing and edema control.

Gluteal Fat Transfer Profile