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Breast Augmentation- ‘Yay or Nay’

There was a time when your status in society depended entirely on your wealth. The more you owned, the stronger you felt in society. But now, the standards of society have changed in terms of social status. Now, your social quality not only depends on your wealth but your looks and personality also matter to impress society. At this point, science helps you in the form of cosmetic surgery. In cosmetic surgery, many procedures can help you improve your structural features. Breast augmentation is among one of them.

Why Women Choose Breast Augmentation?

During this procedure, plastic surgeons use cosmetic techniques to increase the size of the breasts through implants or fat tissue. A lean body is a symbol of beauty these days, and because of this, many females have small breasts. So, these females choose this procedure to improve their overall body features and beauty. Post pregnancy and breastfeeding, a mother’s body goes through a lot of stress.

During the transformative experience of motherhood, several women see changes in their physiological and psychological well-being, which may present considerable challenges. Certain mothers may experience changes in the appearance and texture of their breasts. Maybe they seem a little less perky or not as even as before. That’s when breast augmentation becomes an option. Then there are those ladies who’ve seen their weight yo-yo, and with it, their breast size may have taken a dip. Augmentation becomes a way for them to feel like their old selves again. And hey, if some women feel like getting the procedure because their partner has a preference, and they’re cool with that, who are we to judge? After all, it’s her body, her rules. Whatever pushes someone towards the decision, it’s all about personal choice.

No one knows what’s best for a woman except herself. Sometimes it is used because a patient has uneven breasts, and she needs this procedure to make them look alike. No doubt the procedure is expensive, but still, a lot of people opt for it every year, and its rate is increasing day by day. The only reason behind this is the marvelous results that help women feel more confident.

The Technical Side of Breast Augmentation

As we have discussed earlier, there are different kinds of materials that are used during augmentation. It could be an implant made up of silicone or saline. In fat augmentation, the patient’s body fat is suctioned through a liposuction process and placed in the breasts to increase their size. These fat tissues are taken from body areas that have excess body fat like the tummy or thighs. As far as the procedure of Breast Augmentation surgery is concerned, it is quite simple but at the same time skillful procedure. After a proper briefing about the procedure, the doctor schedules you for a pre-anesthesia assessment and detailed medical history. After assessment, the surgeon schedules you for surgery, which is done under general anesthesia. As the patients have to be put under sedation, good medical health is required for performing this procedure. After anesthetic clearance from the anesthesia department, the surgeon gives an incision along the skin lines over the breast area to minimize the chance of scar formation and for a rapid healing process. After this, the implant or fat material is placed in the breast area, and incisions are closed. Alright, let’s give it a more relatable touch:

Navigating the aftermath of a procedure like breast augmentation isn’t just about the physical. It’s a given that you should follow the doctor’s orders, and it’s also a given that you’ll need a lot of patience as your body recovers. The mind also experiences a roller coaster ride with the rest of the body. Having loved ones close by? Excellent work. Helps to lower the emotional barriers. Mothers who are currently breastfeeding should know that breast augmentation might complicate their efforts. It’s a conversation you should have with your doctor if you find yourself in this situation.
In general, the consensus leans towards holding off on this procedure until you’re done breastfeeding. But, if you’re determined, there are alternatives like formula or other nutrition solutions for your baby after getting your doctor’s green light. Remember, implants aren’t a ‘forever’ deal. They’re like the temporary tattoos of the surgical world.

Sure, they’re crafted from top-notch materials that can weather quite a bit, but they aren’t invincible. Got yourself into a rough and tumble situation and now dealing with pain or swelling? Get it checked. If there’s a tear or something feels off-kilter, you might need a replacement or even removal for a bit. At the end of the day, like with any transformative journey, success hinges on a combo of a savvy surgeon and solid before-and-after care. But take heart – most women who opt for breast augmentation end up giving it a big thumbs up in terms of safety and satisfaction!