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It is common for many patients who have breast implants for quite sometime to want to either change their implant size or to undergo a breast lift procedure.

The medical term for a breast that sags or droops is ptosis. A ptotic breast is one where the nipple areola complex lies below the level of the breast crease.

When the nipple areola complex lies below the breast crease then a lift procedure is often needed to make the breast appear more youthful. The most common type of incision pattern used to lift the breast is called a T-lift or T-lift mastopexy.

At the same time of the T-lift mastopexy, an implant of similar size or larger or smaller size can be placed to change the volume of the breast. This procedure is called a mastopexy-augmentation.

The mastopexy-augmentation procedure is a powerful procedure to change the shape and volume of the breast.