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Nasal airway obstruction is a common problem affecting many people including many athletes. When inspired air rates are maximal during sports airway obstruction can become a challenging and cumbersome problem for the patient. The nasal septum when it is deviated inferiorly can cause obstruction of the external nasal valve. Often on rapid inspiration the decreased airway causes collapse of the lower lateral cartilage on the affected side, making the obstruction even more extreme. 

Correction of the airway requires resecting or moving the low deviated septum to the midline or contralateral nasal aperture and stabilizing the lower lateral cartilage so that it does not cave inward and obstruct the airway during dynamic rapid inspiration. 

Correcting nasal airway obstruction with Low Septal Resection, Transposition, and Stabilizing Lower Lateral Cartilage








The nasal septum is relocated to the midline of the nose and the left lower lateral cartilage is reinforced with a graft from the septum. The nose tends to be swollen for several months after on the side of the nose that underwent the greater degree of operation. The swelling tends to correct itself over the course of 6 months to 2 years.

The image displays external valve airway obstruction


The deviated septum is visible on the pre-operative frontal photograph in the left nostril and no longer visible in the frontal photograph post-operatively. Swelling post-operatively continues to improve over several months.