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When patients choose to undergo lumpectomy and when the cancer resides outside of the standard Wise mastopexy pattern, the pattern is sometimes adjusted to remove the skin above the tumor. This will help the oncologic surgeon remove the skin above the tumor and help to clear the anterior margin.

When the incisions are sutured closed the final suture placed is termed a “running suture” this suture can often create puckering of the skin around the areola. In addition bruising may be present along the skin edges. The bruising may appear as red, blue, pink, or yellow. For the duration that the skin is bruised, there will also be swelling. The combination of the swelling and the running sutures creates puckering to the skin which is temporary. When the bruising subsides and when the sutures dissolve, the puckering flattens out. This healing process can take several months to 1-2 years.

Image displays the healing process following oncoplastic reconstruction of lumpectomy defects.