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Hernia Repair  Abdominal Wall Reconstruction_ NBAbdominal Wall Reconstruction and Hernia Repair:
It is quite common for patients to have undergone a previous umbilical hernia repair and have a recurrence of their hernia. Also, patients can have a history of a previous surgical operation that results in an abdominal or “incisional” hernia.
Typically, when patients have a hernia that recurs, it is often required to restore the abdominal musculature back to its original anatomic location.
Often when repairing incisional, umbilical or large recurrent hernias, the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons work in conjunction with General Surgeons.
The plastic surgeon creates the exposure to allow large exposure to the defect and help prevent and correct any wound problem that may occur secondary to the large exposure. The muscles can then be released, relocated, or repositioned to create a dynamic abdominal wall.


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