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Aesthetic procedures of the face are my favorite surgeries to perform. Addressing the aging face can help restore not only a youthful appearance but also a youthful feeling to the patient. The most common areas of the face that age most readily are the neck and jowls. In these areas, when the skin is lax and has lost its elasticity, there are no dietary or exercise habits that can reverse these signs of aging. 

The deep plane lower face and neck lift can help elevate the skin and soft tissues of the face to their more youthful positions. The three components of the neck that need to be addressed are the skin, the fat, and the muscle. The muscle that needs to be addressed is the platysma. The platysma is tightened via an incision beneath the chin that is hidden in the crease of the chin and neck. Tightening this muscle can help restore the hammock of the lower neck. The second component that needs to be addressed is the fat in the neck. The fat in the neck can either be removed by suction lipectomy or by direct excision. This is done through the same access point in the neck as well as incisions that are placed in the hairline behind the ears. The final component that needs to be addressed is the neck skin. Any excess neck skin is excised and the incision is placed in the hairline.

Photograph demonstrating before and after lower face and neck lift.

The photograph demonstrates before and after lower face and neck lift for facial rejuvenation.