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The quad blepharoplasty or upper and lower blepharoplasty is a powerful combination of procedures to rejuvenate the face. Almost invariably after a blepharoplasty procedure, a patient will state that not only to they look younger but that they also feel younger.

If one were to look in the mirror after a poor night of sleep or a weekend of poor eating a drinking, it is quite possible to look tired. This tired look is often recognized by friends and family members and commented on. Now imaging that every time you looked in the mirror, despite a good night’s sleep you still looked tired. Over time, this can have a significant impact on one’s overall psyche. 

Quad Blepharoplasty Before and After to Rejuvenate the Eyelids

The quad blepharoplasty is effective at rejuvenating the upper third of the face and having a significant impact on the overall youthful appearance of the face. The blepharoplasty patients frequently state that not only do they now look younger but now also feel younger and have more energy. The appearance can often be congruent with outward energy. The photograph depicts before and after quad blepharoplasty.