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Upper Blepharoplasty Surgery is a helpful procedure to produce youthful appearing eyes and eyelids that appear well rested. The upper blepharoplasty has a very short downtime and quick recovery period. The upper blepharoplasty surgery takes approximately 1.5 hours. The surgery is an outpatient surgery and patients go home the same day after surgery.  We will see you in the office the following day and then every one to two weeks after for six weeks. We will then see you again at 6 months and one year. Sutures used for the blepharoplasty surgery are often absorbable sutures. Any sutures that remain for longer than 5 days will be removed in the office. When an upper blepharoplasty is performed only, patients can return to physical exercise after two weeks.  The satisfaction rate is high for upper blepharoplasty surgery.

Upper Blepharoplasty Surgery Before and After