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I have found an increasing number of women who present to my office in consultation who had saline breast implants placed ten years ago and who are now requesting removal and replacement of their mammary implants for highly cohesive silicone gel mammary prosthesis.

Often these women underwent reduction mammoplasty with an implant to maintain upper pole fullness, but now want to change to an implant with a slightly higher profile to deliver more breast projection.

We are seeing more women present from out of state who come to Newport Beach and Beverly Hills who have capsular contracture and who now want to have their breast implant capsules removed, saline implants replaced for silicone gel implants, and a simultaneous breast lift.

These operations are challenging to preserve the blood supply to the nipple areola complex as previous operations contribute to scarring and necessitate experience with these cases to deliver consistent results.

Bilateral capsulectomies, implant exchange, and mastopexy are commonly performed operations in Newport Beach and Beverly Hills.

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