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Aesthetic surgery procedures of the face are my favorite procedures to perform. Rhinoplasty is the most enjoyable procedure for me. Rhinoplasty involves changing the shape or appearance of the nose. Rhinoplasty typically involves removing or reshaping some component of the cartilage or bone of the nose. One of the more common reasons for patients to come to the office requesting rhinoplasty is to improve the appearance of the tip of the nose or the dorsum of the nose. 

Patients who want to refine the tip of the nose typically state that their nose has a bulbous or ball shaped tip and that they wish their nose was less bulbous or less ball shaped. Correcting the bulbous or ball shaped tip often requires repositioning of the lower lateral cartilages into a more favorable position. This improves the bulbous tip and can improve the overall shape of the nose. Removing the dorsal hump can also significantly soften the appearance of the nose. 

Rhinoplasty and aesthetic procedures of the face are my favorite surgical procedures to perform and are often the most rewarding.

Rhinoplasty Tip Definition