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We are starting to see many patients come from out of state to have their revision augmentation procedures or capsulectomy surgeries performed at the Roxbury Clinic & Surgery Center in Newport Beach. I have been using the Strattice in the manner as taught to me by Neal Handel, M.D. When working through small incisions, I have found the use of appropriately and carefully placed marionette sutures to align the Strattice in correct position while the remaining sutures are performed through the limited incision.

I have found Strattice to be very helpful in the revision breast augmentation patient who has rippling, implant palpability, synmastia, bottoming out, and fold asymmetry. I have also found Strattice to be helpful as a barrier between the nipple areola complex incision and the capsule of the breast implant.

I remember repeatedly, the lessons on tendon healing by one of my great mentors, Malcolm Lesavoy, M.D. He would always describe the “one wound/one scar” theory for tendon healing. I find that the same theory can apply to breast implant capsules.

Frequently, I see patients who present for capsular contracture surgery who have a thickened scar beneath their periareolar incision with a “scar rind” that is aggressively fixed to their underlying capsule. It is my belief that the interposed Strattice may prevent the “scar rind” that I frequently see beneath the periareolar incision that is firmly fixed to the capsule. I hope this has great implications for reducing capsular contracture.


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