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Do I have a tuberous breast deformity?

The tuberous breast has a typical constellation of recognizable features. The breast base is usually restricted. The areola is wide and there is often a herniation of breast tissue through the areola. The breast is often hypoplastic to various degrees.

How is a the tuberous breast deformity corrected?

Tuberous breast deformity is best corrected with a breast augmentation procedure via a peri-areolar approach. The periareolar approach tends to be best for correcting this deformity as the areolar incision allows greatest range to score and release the constricting fibers and also allows appropriate correction of the fold levels.

What implants do you recommend?

In patients who are thin, I prefer silicone gel prosthesis as there is often less rippling. Saline reconstruction is perfectly fine as well. At the time of your consultation we will provide literature discussing the breast enhancement procedure and review before and after photographs of similar tuberous breast correction patients.

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