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Where will the periareolar incision be placed and what will the scar look like?

Everyone will have a scar, but how visible the scar is depends on several factors. The periareolar incision is typically placed on the inferior (bottom) half of the areola. The areola tends to be a relatively privileged area for scarring. That is, it is rare for keloid scars to develop on the areolar skin.

For the first three weeks after surgery, steri-strips are placed on the incision.After three weeks,, the steri-strips are removed. At that point I tell patients that they can place lotion on the incisions provided it is the same lotion they use on the rest of their body skin. Patients should not use Vitamin E cream, capsules, etc. on their incisions. After six weeks, if the incisions show signs of a thick or hypertrophic scar, patients can use silicone gel sheeting to flatten out the scar.

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