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Mastopexy augmentation procedures are common procedures. Patients who present for a mastopexy augmentation are typically patients who have had several children and have breast fed or who have lost weight for a variety of reasons. As women age, the nipple areola complex tends to drop below the level of the inframammary fold or breast crease. When the breasts sag, this is called “ptosis”. The only way to correct breast ptosis is to perform a lift procedure. The more standard lift pattern is called a “Wise” pattern or “T-lift” pattern.

The mastopexy augmentation operation is a complicated one that requires careful planning. The operation is essentially two operations in one. The first part involves placing the implant and the second part involves tightening of the skin.

The mastopxey augmentation operation differs from the standard breast augmentation in that there is significantly more healing that is required after the mastopexy augmentation. I tell the mastopexy augmentation patients that the overall healing time and time to settle takes at least 6 months to one year.


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